BTMA-What do you know about the complete palm oil plant?

palm fruit/bunch  → sterilization → threshing → press → clarification → purification  →CPO→decolorizing →  deodorizing →RBD palm oil → crystallization → fractionation → RBD olein & RBD stearin 1.Palm fruit reception: Transport FFB to reception station, flow to the scraper conveyer, conveyed to sterilizing station. 2.Sterilizaiton: FFB transported by scraper conveyer fall into sterilizing tank, […]

BTMA- How important is the palm oil press machine ?

If you are demanding for a set of palm oil machine to set up your palm oil plant or rise up your palm oil yield rate, BTMA Machinery is here for you. We are committed to provide and develop various palm oil milling machines with latest technologies. Get in touch with us immediately if you […]

BTMA-What do you know about palm oil extraction machine ?

Introduction of palm oil extraction machine Palm oil extraction machine is used to extract crude palm oil from palm oil fruit while achieving higher palm oil yield. Palm oil extraction machines, also called as palm oil expeller, are utilized in palm oil mill or palm oil pressing plant for effective palm oi production. The design […]

BTMA-How much do you know about the palm oil plant?

We offer full sale palm oil production plant with a wide production scale. Our team will do our best to fulfill our clients’ necessity with extreme effectiveness. We guarantee sale our machinery and complete plant with reliable quality, competitive price and comprehensive after-sales service. Contact us now to get a customized palm oil production business […]

BTMA-How to choose the best palm oil machine manufacturer?

Palm oil comes from palm fruit pulp, so in order to get palm oil, special palm oil processing machinery is needed to squeeze the pulp and release palm oil. Therefore, palm oil machinery manufacturers have developed and designed a wide range of palm oil processing machines and equipment to extract palm oil. Fresh palm fruit […]

BTMA-What is the right palm oil milling technology?

High-yielding and quality palm oil is extracted from fresh palm fruit bunches, and milled through a cost-effective Palm Oil Milling Technology. The erstwhile cumbersome process of extracting palm oil is cumbersome, to say the least. It involved primary processes that were significantly time consuming and labor-intensive, such as, pounding the cooked bunch in large mortars […]

BTMA- How to Build A Small Palm Oil Mill?

Why invest in small scale palm oil manufacturing mill? More and more small palm oil extraction factory are constructed in the local countryside to break transporting restrictions of palm fruits. Poor road networks in the rural areas affect transportation of FFBs from the palm plantations or farms to palm fruits processing plants. Placement of processing […]

BTMA-Start Business in Top Palm Oil Producing Countries

For starting a palm oil production business, the most important thing is to have enough palm fruits and high quality palm oil processing equipment. In these top palm oil producing countries, there is obviously no need to worry about raw materials, so with raw materials, the next step is to choose reliable palm oil processing […]

BTMA- Is It Necessary to Refine the Crude Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm oil is one kind of vegetable oil, derived from palm fruits which bear fruits rich in oil. Just like other seed oils, the crude palm kernel oil (PKO) produced from the palm kernel oil production line also needs a refinery to increase the oil quality. As one professional manufacturer and supplier of palm kernel […]